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12 Jul Can monthly vitamin D supplements help prevent heart attacks?
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A recent study details a clinical trial led by an Australian research team that looked at how vitamin D might help reduce the incidence of serious heart conditions such as heart attack and stroke.The ..
17 May 8 Effective Tips to Combat Overweight and Promote Healthy Living
Laszlo 0 191
Introduction:Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for overall well-being and longevity. However, in a world dominated by sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy food choices, the battle against obesity ha..
23 Apr The importance of vitamin C
Laszlo 0 278
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a crucial nutrient that your body needs to function properly. It's important for a wide variety of processes in your body, including the growth and repair of..
12 Jun Supplements and herbs that can naturally relieve pain caused by arthritis
Laszlo 0 1104
Arthritis refers to a group of degenerative conditions that target the joints and the tissues that surround the joints. Common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout...
21 May Iron: What is worth knowing about this mineral?
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Iron is a mineral that is essential for hemoglobin to function properly. This protein is needed to carry oxygen in the blood. It also plays a role in many other important processes in the body.Deficie..
31 Mar 7 diseases that can be caused by vitamin D deficiency
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Vitamin D is „caused” by sunlight in the human skin and after some transformation in the liver and kidneys, it is involved in almost all vital life processes. Vitamin D deficiency lea..
19 Jan 6 rules for stress-free mornings
Laszlo 0 1088
Get a good start right away Do you want to get up every day to be able to start a great day? Are you the kind of person who, after waking up, cheerfully welcomes the first rays of the s..
15 Jan What causes joint pain?
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The joint is made up of cartilage at the end of the bones, the joint sheath, and the joint fluid that fills it. In case of inflammation, the inflammatory process of the articular membrane delimiting t..
21 Nov Benefits of garlic and how much to add to your diet
Laszlo 0 890
There is something irresistible about the aroma of roasted garlic. It is so captivating with its powerful notes, that it has long been used as a flavour booster in curries, stir-fries, pizza toppings..
09 Aug Vitamin C: Regular consumption can provide protection for the heart
Laszlo 0 1821
Scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California have published a new study which demonstrates for the first time that only a consistent daily supplementation with vitamin C can protect aga..
14 Jul Ashwagandha, what are the benefits of?
Laszlo 0 2532
Ashwagandha, also called Indian ginseng, is a shrub with oval leaves and yellow flowers. Although it is also called Indian ginseng, ashwagandha and ginseng are not related. This herb has raisin-sized ..
13 Jul Diabetes and added sugar
Laszlo 0 1620
This article is an excerpt from the 25 day diabetes program – a program nearly everyone can do step by step with the purpose of the eventual cure of type 2 diabetes in only 3-4 weeks.This program will..
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