Margarine was originally produced as a cheap substitute for butter. In 1869, a French chemist discovered it after III. Napoleon offered a prize for someone who could come up with a butter substitute that the army and the poor masses could eat instead of butter. The chemist sold the rights to a Dutch company that is now part of the Unilever Group (Rama, the producer of the Liga and Flora margarines).

Today, it has become a world-wide business and manufacturers are not trying to sell it with its bieng cheap but with the benefits of improving health which is hanky-panky. Unilever has just announced (Rama, Liga, Flora) that they would put some butter in their margarines. This is funny because it has been advertising its margarines for 20 years as healthier than butter.

When I suggest eating some fat with bread I recommend cold-pressed noble oils. I always recommend it to my patients and most people fall in love with it soon. In the long run, they improve their health with it.

Margarines are made of the cheapest, chemically produced oils and, with the help of a variety of additives, make their color, flavor and texture better for sales. There are some producers who put 2-3% of olive oil in it to be able to advertise their margarines „with olives” label.

In order to obtain a lubricating consistency similar to butter, manufacturers have hydrogenated the oil in the past for long time, which meant that they produced a transgenic fat harmfull to the cardiovascular system by the addition of hydrogen during heating. Today's processes have been refined and transgenic fat content of the margarines has fallen below the limits but as the baking and fast-food industry continue to use margarines as it is cheap, the situation has not improved.

Margarine consumption contributes

  1. to increasing the risk of heart disease

  2. to cancer,

  3. to promote and enhance inflammation.

Butter is definitely a better choice. Indeed, some recent studies suggest that natural saturated fats, such as butter, may contribute to the healing of cardiovascular diseases - though I do not think it is well-grounded yet. In any case, butter is closer to natural and healthy food than margarine. If you can choose, I always recommend extra virgin olive oil and if you can not, well, use butter.