A migraine headache is more frequent than ever before, nowdays it besets the lives of many people. Most people do not know what causes it. According to some researches, it seems that the lack of certain vitamins can be the root of this problem. What vitamin deficientcy can cause it?

Women are the most affected 

According to a research, migraine affects 18% of women and 6% of men in the United States. The incidence depends on the hormone system, environmental influences and stress. Most of the drugs are prescribed for pain relief which suppress pain but they are not handling the real reason of the pain. Fortunately, often those who suffer from migraine headaches can help it with some dietary changes.


A scientific study showed that people who suffer from folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 deficiencies are more likely exposed to migraine headaches than those who take plenty of these vitamins. Lack of these vitamins increases the risk of migraine by 300%.


Another study shows that magnesium deficiency may trigger migraine headaches. The daily magnesium supplementation helps to prevent or significantly reduce the number and intensity of migraine attacks.

Other factors

As a result of increased sweating in spring and sometimes crazy diets, especially potassium deficiency occurs in women, in some cases it reaches such an extreme level the it prevents sweating. Potassium deficiency symptoms can include fatigue, dullness, and headache in severe cases.

It is worth noting that some foods (especially food additives) may contribute to migraine. Avoid nitrite, nitrate, foods with flavor enhancers (you should avoid them anyway, especially if you have migraine headaches).