This article is an excerpt from the 25 day diabetes program – a program nearly everyone can do step by step with the purpose of the eventual cure of type 2 diabetes in only 3-4 weeks.

This program will be available soon!

Lets see one of the steps from this program that all by itself can do a lot for a diabetic or as prevention.

Stop eating foods with added sugar.

Unfortunately, this is not a simple task when you do not make your food for yourself. I give you an example: the bean is an excellent food. Really healthy. With high protein and fiber content, it keeps the blood sugar in balance and prevents diabetes. But if you go to the store or restaurant and buy or order food from beans, you will get a few spoonfuls of sugar.

Sugar for the food industry is like a miracle weapon. Because they know that everyone subconsciously „know” that sugar is delicious, and they put it into everything.

Sometimes you can find suger even in such impossible places that can not be justified by common sense. Sugar is the third major ingredient in canned bean. But you will find it not only in canned beans but in almost every industrial food. It's natural that it is in all the bakery products but why is suger in my goose liver, salami, grilled sausage, all cans (including fish soup) and vacuum-packed smoked ham?

You do not believe me? Go to a supermarket and look for a sugar-free ready-made product.

You will not find any.

Thanks to the production of industrial food, you get a few decagrams of sugar every day, whether you are asking for it or not. This is how the annual consumption of sugar is 35kg / year, which only seems to be abundant if you know that all newborn babies are included in this statistic.

Watch the food label. Sugar, fructose, dextrose, maize syrup, HFCS, isoculose are all the same: added sugar. Where it's all clear, just do not buy it. Such are ice creams, sweetened yoghurts, sweeties, biscuits, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, etc ...

Unfortunately, the picture is not always that simple. For example, in the case of meat products, you will find sugared and sugar free. It's a good idea to spend a few minutes in the store and choose your favorite but not based on its flavor in this case...

Beware of added sugar and avoid it at any cost.

You will also find what we did: 99% of the food in supermarkets contains added sugar.

Factory meal = diabetes

What is the solution?

If you can not eat factory food, you have to make it.

This is sometimes simpler than you think. For example, if you can not buy canned beans because it contains sugar, cook beans in a traditional manner. If you can not get maize or carrots, because it contains sugar, cook fresh or deep-frozen ones. If you can not buy salami because it contains sugar, take some meat and cook or bake it. You will be surprised to see that raw meat is cheaper than ready-made food containing only 40% meat.

There are many ways to cook fresh raw ingredients. I used to say, as a joke, that I did not eat anything that did not look like something edible. A paprika is edible. A canned pickle is not. At least not for a diabetic. An apple is edible, an apple juice is not. Understand?

Well, I know it's not easy what I ask from you but it's the truth. If you do not believe me now, take an hour and see for yourself what I have just talked about: you will not get sugar-free ready-made food in stores.

Source: Istvan Demecs