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Delivery Information

Last modified: 11.10.2019


We use the Danish delivery services from our logistic center to deliver our product to you. Delivery time depens on the delivery option you choose. Free delivery takes about 7-14 working days. Payed delivery options show their delivery times on Checkout page. 

How your product gets to you

  • When you place your order at the checkout page, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your purchase.
  • We also receive a notification and from there your order is in processing. Processing may take up to 24h. If you placed your order after Friday 14:30, shipping will start on next Monday.
  • Then we send your package with the choosen delivery method. The shipping time applies from that point. 
  • You receive notifications about the delivery status (where your package is at a given time).
  • You will receive a notification upon delivery to your home address or package shop (from where you can pick up your package).
  • In case of package shop delivery, you will be notified about the package shop your package is being delivered to (the closest to your delivery address you specified).

How to cancel your order and get refund (or partial refund)

If you received your package or it has just been sent then wait for it (status is shipped - you get an email when we ship it):

  • Simple visit the "Returns" page. You can find it in the footer section, under "Customer Service".
  • Fill out the form and send it.

Only unopened products can be returned!

If you have just placed an order and we have not shipped it yet:

  • Send us an email and tell us to cancel (refund) the purchase.

If you ordered more then one products, and you only want to cancel some of them, tell us which product you do not want and we will refund the price of that specific product, and we send the rest of your order.

Who is eligible for Free Shipping?

  • The free shipping is only available in Denmark over 300 SEK (cc. 208 DKK)
  • Free Shipping takes about a week (7-14 working days).

What happenes when you order a product not in-stock?

Products that are currently not in-stock are marked as Pre-Order.

You will also see a notification at the checkout page, those items are marked with *

You can still order an Ou-Of-Stock item but the processing time (and all together the delivery time) will be about a week longer.

Why to Pre-Order?

Because you will be the first we send the re-stocked product.