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Garlic Oil 1000 mg (90 softgels) (Vitaking) by

Garlic Oil 1000 mg (90 softgels) (Vitaking) by
Garlic Oil 1000 mg (90 softgels) (Vitaking) by
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Garlic Oil 1000 mg (90 softgels) (Vitaking) by
Garlic Oil 1000 mg (90 softgels) (Vitaking) by
Garlic Oil 1000 mg (90 softgels) (Vitaking) by
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Natural cold pressed pure garlic oil

The people has been eating garlic for 5,000 years. In many parts of the world it is used as a magic solution: the ancient peoples wore cloves of garlic around their necks as amulet, because it was believed to protect them from the evil eyes and diseases. 

Using this Vitaking Garlic Oil product is a convenient way to receive the benefits of garlic in concentrated form, without the taste and odor.

Recommended dietary allowance: 1 gelcapsule per day

Servings per bottle: 90 gelcapsules

    Attention! Most people, both internally and externally can take garlic. Some, however, will be papulous by the touch of raw garlic alone.


    The corms contains enzymes called alliin and alliinase. When the cells get damaged – the garlic gets cut – alliin and alliinase induce forming various compounds: allicin, many sulfide which are responsible for the characteristic odor of garlic.

    Additionally, it has the following ingredients: sulfur-containing peptide derivatives, vitamin B and vitamin C and flavonoids.


    • It may advantageously affect blood lipid levels and harmful blood cholesterol (LDL) levels
    • It can contribute to maintaining the respiratory system’s health
    • It has a role in keeping the body fungi and bacteria resistant which is why it is especially recommended during colder periods
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