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Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002500527
Faith in NatureFor normal or dry hair Bio aloe vera originating from inspected organic farms, effectively moisturizes your the scalp, it strengthens hair and has anti-bacterial properties. Enzymes and protein-rich. It helps in the regulation of sebum, so with its use your hair will not be too dry o..
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Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002500329
Faith in NatureFor normal or dry, light, blond hairA conditioner with a special tropical aroma with organic coconut ingredient. Its fregnance takes you to the tropics. It is rich in natural vitamin E. Wash your hair with Coconut Shampoo. Rinse and massage the conditioner in your wet hair. For best r..
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Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002500626
Faith in Nature For Normal or dry hair Jojoba preserves the humidity of skin thus softens and keeps the skin moist. Vitamin B5 in the product helps healing the hair and scalp, bio-kelp extract is effective in nourishing and protecting the hair and scalp with its antioxidants and mineral. ..
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