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Blue Cedar Shower Gel For Men (400ml)
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Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002404672
Faith in NatureNatural Skin CareThis nourishingly rich and unique shower gel is full of luxurious aromas that makes your day better. Perfect choice after a busy, exhausting day or awakening in a simple rainy morning in the city. It is free from artificial dyes, fragrances, petroleum produc..
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Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002207747
Faith in Nature Replenishing Day Cream, enriched with Organic Green Tea, a natural antioxidant said to help slow the effects of ageing, the cream hydrates and softens your skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Hypoallergenic...
93.54 DKK
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Salt Crystal Stick Deodorant (100g)
Brand: Faith In Nature Model: 708002305061
Faith in Nature The hypoallergenic salt crystal deodorant destroys the bacteria that are responsible for the creation of body odor. Due to its natural salt crystal ingredients, it does not seal the pores and does not inhibit sweating,which is the body's natural detoxification process.The produc..
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Ex Tax:52.06 DKK
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