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Brand: HillVital Model: 5997591702268
Relieving balsam Aurumflex is made of herbal extracts and active ingredients especially Marigold and Chamomile. These herbs are favorite for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties that speed up the healing processes.IngredientsAloe Vera – hydration, heals wounds, skin protectionEucal..
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Calendula Cream 125 ml Calendula Cream 125 ml
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5999860252474
Thanks to the active ingredient of Calendula, it soothes the skin surface. Suitable for externally use, massaged into wound to help healing, soothing irritated skin, various skin problems, burns, insect bites.PACKAGING: 125 mlCalendulais used to treat wounds, skin lesions and skin diseases that are ..
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5997591703623
Thanks to the natural active ingredients of HillVital - CleanFeet balm, it protects your feet from infection and helps relieve unpleasant symptoms.Area of application: fungal infection of the feet, unpleasant foot odor PACKAGING: 60 ml..
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5999860252467
Thanks to the active ingredient of Comfrey, it regenerates the tissues thus accelerating the healing processes. Suitable for external use on ulcers, bruises, varicose veins.Area of application: bruises, ulcers.Comfrey is often used to treat bruises and ulcers. Due to its active ingredients, it ..
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5999860252702
Muscle aches can be very uncomfortable and painful. In some cases, they can even impede our free movement. But as we get closer to nature, we don’t have to give up freedom of movement yet. Kapsamax Extra balm is made from a selection of special herbs, thanks to which it can help even in the case of ..
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Master Balm 250ml By HillVital
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5997591700714
Master Cream was developed to heal painful areas affected by swelling and inflammation. Powerful formula with herbal and active ingredients is easily applicable, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue.IngredientsTurmeric - pain relief, improves physical functions, anti-inflammatory p..
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5997591703128
Maximum cream offers an efficient and natural way to reduce pain. Unique formula is based on active herbal ingredients.IngredientsTurmeric - decreases pain, improves physical functions, anti-inflammatory propertiesAloe Vera – hydration, skin protectionArnica – pain relief, antioxidant..
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5997591703326
Inflamed Achilles tendon? You need immediate intense treatment! Get back in shape with our uniquely formulated Salikort balsam for Achilles tendonitis.Salikort’s unique formulation of 14 carefully selected herbs helps bring relief from Achilles tendonitis. Herbs used in Salikort have ..
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Brand: HillVital Model: 5997591700639
Soothing Varikoflex balsam is ideal for those suffering from varicose veins, swelling and the feeling of heavy legs. Varikoflex’’s multi-herbal formula absorbs quickly and is easily applicable.IngredientsHorse Chestnut – reduces swelling, anti-inflammatory properties, vein protectionAloe Vera&n..
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