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Losing weight or overweight problems

CLA Plus with L-carnitine CLA Plus with L-carnitine
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561252162
Supplement / herbs This is a special formula – all of the nutrients are there to ensure the normal functioning of the body and maintaining or reaching optimal weight: CLA, green tea extract and l-carnitine.All of the components within work very well on their own, but they are especially effective u..
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L-Carnitine 500 mg (100 tablets) L-Carnitine 500 mg (100 tablets)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561250649
L-Carnitine is an amino acid that normally attracts water which can cause it to deteriorate rapidly. We use a tartrate form to help ensure that this product maintains stability and full potency.L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that helps to maintain overall good health by facilitating t..
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