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Milk Thistle Extract 500 mg (80 capsules) (Vitaking) by

Milk Thistle Extract 500 mg (80 capsules) (Vitaking) by
Milk Thistle Extract 500 mg (80 capsules) (Vitaking) by
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Milk Thistle Extract 500 mg (80 capsules) (Vitaking) by
Milk Thistle Extract 500 mg (80 capsules) (Vitaking) by
Milk Thistle Extract 500 mg (80 capsules) (Vitaking) by
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Natural Herbal Supplement

The usage of the milk thistle suppressed in the beginning of the last century but we discovered it again in the middle of the 20th century when researches found the active agent in it called silymarin which can help the bile and the liver.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended amount. The product is not a substitute for assorted diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep it out of reach of children.

Daily recommended volume: 1 Milk thistle capsule during meal

Notes: Keep it in a cold place, protected from radiant heat and sunlight! 


The Milk thistle extract helps to maintain the health of your liver

Milk thistle protects your liver and helps regenerate it after a lot of harmful loads. Therefore, it is very useful to take Milk thistle.

The largest human gland in the human body is one and a half pounds: the liver. Everything passes through it that gets into the gut, whether it is food, drink, chemistry or medicine. As a central laboratory, the liver scans, breaks down the substances that got into the body, incorporates the useful elements and eliminates the harmful ones.

Liver functions:
The liver performs about five hundred tasks, the two of which are the most important: purifying the blood from metabolism remnants and likewise treating hormones, drugs, and alcohol. It transforms the food into energy and stores it in glycogenic form, and then, during physical effort, gets the glycogen into the muscle as a glucose.

We are pushing our liver every day for performance beyond its abilities when we consume alcohol, eat too much and spicy, greasy foods or plastic foods that we buy in fast-food chains and pre-cooked ready meals in hypermarkets.

Support your liver with Milk thistle extract!

It is very important that we try to protect or assist it regenerating from this burden afterwards. This is the purpos of taking Milk thistle that helps the liver to function properly.

The use of Milk thistle was reduced back to the beginning of the last century and was rediscovered in the mid-20th century when pharmacological studies identified its active agent (silimarin) that is responsible for the amazing positive effects of Milk thistle on gall and liver complaints.

The effects of milk thistle:
  • The Milk thistle extract supports liver health
  • Milk thistle contributes to the detoxification of the liver
  • Milk thistle extract helps maintain liver function, helps digestion and body cleansing.
  • Milk thistle is useful in maintaining physiological cleansing functions.
  • Milk thistle helps maintain the heart’s health