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Anyone who has diabetes should—at a minimum—take a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement every day. Research has shown that taking a potent daily multivitamin dramatically reduces the incidence of infection and the number of sick days taken by patients with type 2 diabetes. /Dr. Julian Whitaker/
Bilberry 470mg (90 capsules) Bilberry 470mg (90 capsules)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561250786
Herbs and antioxidants Bilberries (also known as Vaccinium myrtillus, wild blueberries, and blue whortleberries) have the antioxidant capacity of more than 20 fresh fruits and berries, even stronger than those of cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, plums, or cultivated blueberries.The antio..
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Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg (100 tablets) Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg (100 tablets)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561251028
Trace minerals Chrome is an essential trace element that, due to our modern eating habits and the agriculture today, is very limited in our nutrition. ..
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Cinnamon 375 mg (90 tablets) Cinnamon 375 mg (90 tablets)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561250175
Herbs There are two types of cinnamon available. A delicious, delicate aroma of cinnamon comes from Ceylon where a wild tropical wood shells give us its spice. The fragrant cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), known as Ceylon cinnamon is an excellent complement to pastries and cappuccino. Its physiological..
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Diabetes Package No. 1
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Brand: Vitaking Model: d1
Diabetes can be cured…in just 25 days, permanently.This is a program nearly everyone can do step by step with the purpose of the eventual cure of type 2 diabetes in only 3-4 weeks. How can this be? You only need to follow this 25-day program (click). A package containing the following products ..
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Gymnema Sylvestre 400 mg (90 capsules) Gymnema Sylvestre 400 mg (90 capsules)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561250212
Gymnema sylvestre is a dense leafy, climbing plant similar to grapes. It also helps the healthy weight loss process.This Vitaking product contains 400 mg gymnema leaf powder per capsule.Warning: Do not exceed the recommended amount. The product is not a substitute for assorted diet and healthy lifes..
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Gymnemax (60 capsules) Gymnemax (60 capsules)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561252650
Complex herbal products The complex formula of Vitaking Gymnemax capsule is a mixture of three powerful herbs. This supplement contains cinnamon, Gymnema sylvestre leaves and white mulberry-bush leaf in the right combination.Recommended dietary allowance: 3 capsule per dayServings per bottle: 60 ca..
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Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg (60 capsules) Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg (60 capsules)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561251141
Herbs - antioxidantsThe Vitaking Olive leaf extract contains the main active ingredient of olive tree leaves. Thanks to its antioxidant properties it protects our body from harmful effects. The Olive Leaf Extract is popular, of high economic value, which has been grown for 6-8000 years. Pure o..
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Potassium 99mg (100 capsules) Potassium 99mg (100 capsules)
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Brand: Vitaking Model: 5999561253671
The potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the body that is predominantly inside the cells and plays an important role in their normal functioning.Out of all the nutrients that you need, potassium is something needed in very large quantities. You need 4700 mg of potassium every single day...
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